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About the VALO-CD project

The purpose of the VALO-CD project is to increase the technical and economical development in Finland and globally by providing free and open source software to as many users as possible, both private and organsations and both in Finland and aboard.

At the same time we also want to we also want to inform about the benefits of FOSS (VALO in Finnish) to consumers, programmers and decision makers.


VALO-CD was forked from The Open Disc -project in 2008. The translations made to VALO-CD have been sent back upstream to The Open Disc for use in a multilingual release. The Open Disc was preceded by The Open CD project.


VALO-CD is made by the following persons: Otto Kekäläinen (project leader), Asko Soukka (new UI programmer), Tuukka Hastrup (new build code programming), Petri Salmela, Matti Saastamoinen, Harri Pitkänen, Mikko Salonen, Riku Leino, Kimmo Suutala, Lauri-Matias Nieminen, Tuomas Valtonen.

We would also like to thank all of those, who have sent us feedback!


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