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2013-09-18 – VALO-CD v9 released

The ninth version of VALO-CD has been released in English and Finnish editions, just in time to celebrate the Software Freedom Day 2013. Get your disc now!

2012-12-11 – VALO-CD maker awarded

The project lead of VALO-CD, Otto Kekäläinen, has been awarded the Nordic Free Software Award at FSCONS 2012. VALO-CD is mentioned as one of the motivations.

2012-07-01 – Akademy 2012 presentation

VALO-CD was presented at the Akademy 2012, check out the video starting at about 24:20.

2012-06-15 – Devaamo Summit presentation

VALO-CD was presented at the Devaamo Summit, check out the slides!

2012-02-22 – VALO-CD v8 released

VALO-CD with selected best-in-class applications makes it easy for any user to take advantage of Free Software on Windows. Now it is available in English too, in addition to the existing Finnish language edition. A new addition is MuseScore, a program to make music by writing scores. Other programs are updated to newest version, for example LibreOffice 3.5 is included. "I'm thrilled with the work that the VALO-CD project is doing getting Free Software into user's hands", said Michael Meeks, SUSE Distinguished Engineer, and LibreOffice developer, "there is a real need to help people to get the latest and greatest Free Software on Windows into people's hands. It is good to see the very best LibreOffice 3.5 features getting to as wide an audience as possible, I heartily recommend the CD to you."

2012-02-02 – VALO-CD at FOSDEM

Some of the VALO-CD makers are at FOSDEM 2012 Drop a line at #valo-cd in IRC if you want to meet!

2011-09-15 – VALO-CD v7 in English!

After about a year of preparation, the VALO-CD project has now been internationalized and the first production quality release in English is released.

2011-08-07 – VALO-CD at the Desktop Summit

The VALO-CD project was presented at the Desktop Summit as a call for developers for new languages.

2011-05-29 – Wiki in English

The the new development wiki in English has been opened and the first VALO-CD development version in English released. Check them out and give us feedback!

2010-11-06 – VALO-CD at FSCONS

The VALO-CD project and the plans to make an English version was presented at FSCONS.


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