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VALO-CD can be downloaded for free and it is completely legal to copy it – we even encourage it!

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If you don't want to download and burn the ISO image, you can also order VALO-CD by mail.

Version 9 is is sold out!

Shipping time varies depending on your location: in Europe on average 2–3 days, farther away possibly over a week. For customers within EU the we must charge an additional value added tax of 23 %, thus making the total price 23,25 € for one CD and shipping.

Seravo Oy is responsible for sales. If you wish to order larger quantities for resale or FOSS advocacy, please contact us and ask for a discount.

Support services, administration and assurance services are sold separately. For example SUSE offer commercial support for LibreOffice. This CD is sold as-is and we guarantee only that the CD media is correct.

VALO-CD is designed for use in computers that have Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. We strive to make a product that is as good as possible, but we do not take responsibility of the workings or non-workings of the software included on the CD. The price of a VALO-CD only covers that the CD media is faultless. If you need support services or assurances, you need to buy them separately. Companies providing such additional services are listed at e.g. FSFE.


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