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Scribus is a professional layout and publishing application, which you can use to create all kinds of materials for print – from brochures to magazines and bulletins. Scribus has also been used to layout books. Scribus produces PDF files ready for print and is suitable for authoring PDF forms. Scribus is a serious libre contender for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress software.

Beneath the modern and userfriendly interface, Scribus contains the features needed for professional results, such as CMYK colors, separations and ICC color profiles. Scribus also supports OpenType fonts and Unicode text.

Note! To function, Scribus requires the so-called GDI+ library, which is shipped with Windows XP. If your Windows version turns out to not include this library, you can download it from a Microsoft site. In addition, to process EPS files, the operating system has to have the Ghostscript library installed.

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