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LibreOffice is a comprehensive office software suite and a good replacement for Microsoft Office and its Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. LibreOffice includes quality productivity tools for word processing, spreadsheets and presentation slides. In addition, it can be used to draw posters and build everyday databases.

LibreOffice saves your documents in Open Document standard compliant files, which ensures your computer can open them even after decades. LibreOffice can read and write documents created in various other programs – including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

LibreOffice consists of the following applications, which compliment each other seamlessly:

  • Writer is for all kinds of creative writing in addition to authoring minutes, reports and brochures. Writer is compatible with Microsoft Word.
  • Calc includes comprehensive tools for spreadsheet calculations, analysis of tabulated data and visualisations. Calc is compatible with Microsoft Excel.
  • Impress is an easy to use tool for creating presentation slides. Its special effects, animations and drawing tools let you create impressive presentations fast. Impress is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Draw is a simple drawing application, which lets you create posters or draw diagrams – for your slide shows, for example.
  • Base is a database application for everyday database work based on a a real relational database – for example, to maintain the registries of a non-profit association. (Base requires Java runtime to be installed before use.)

The free and open LibreOffice is suitable for both private and business use. It's used more and more in schools and in government offices. Its web site includes guides, templates and extensions, which help in creating professional documents.

Instructions for installing LibreOffice

Even though the LibreOffice software can be installed as it is, we recommend installing it together with the Java runtime as follows:

  1. Install the Java runtime. It is not required, but the step-by-step guide functionality (wizards) of the LibreOffice software requires it.
  2. Install LibreOffice.

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