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Inkscape is an easy to use program for drawing vector graphics, which you can use to draw images diagrams and other graphics for your slide shows, for example. With Inkscape you can also convert a pencil drawing scanned from paper into a sharp and infinitely scalable vector graphic, which you can continue to color and edit according to your need.

In Inkscape, all drawing is based on vectors, which enables you to always return back in your work to fix the location and form of the shapes or the size and font of the text. Most importantly, your result is always sharp, as vector graphics can be scaled without loss of image quality.

Inkscape saves the vector graphics in the open SVG file format. Inkscape supports the various features of the SVG recommendation including shapes, paths, text, line styles, cloning, alpha shading, transformations, gradients, patterns and groups. In addition, Inkscape supports Creative Commons metadata, editing of path nodes, layers, complex path operations, raster image tracing, text on paths, flowing text, raw XML editing, and much more!

Inkscape can open and save images also in JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats, as well as various vector-based formats.


Inkscape by FLOSS Manuals is included on VALO-CD.

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