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The Firefox web browser allows you to move on the Internet faster, safer and more efficiently. Major features of the browser include the blocking of pop-up windows, tabs and a customizable appearance. You don't like the order of the navigation buttons in the browser? Right mouse click on the navigation toolbar, choose "Edit", and you can drag the buttons wherever you want!

One of the best reasons to start using Firefox is the safety it brings. One of the objectives of the browser development is to make browsing safe and thus keep the computer clean of malware. In addition, Firefox has a comprehensive array of settings and tools for privacy protection, which help you to keep your privacy on the Internet. In these days of virus, Trojan and phishing attacks, Firefox is the safest alternative.

After installation, you can easily bring your favorites and saved passwords from other browsers such as Internet Explorer, so you don't have to start all over from scratch.


Firefox by FLOSS Manuals is included on VALO-CD.

Install add-ons

The functionality of Firefox can be extended easily with thousands of add-ons. These Firefox extensions can, for example, hide the advertisements on web pages for you, and let you download videos you see on the web. Extensions designed for web developers can show you how the web pages are made. Some extensions let you further alter the appearance of the browser to suit your whims.

When you have installed Firefox, you may click the following links to install any of the Firefox add-ons that are included on VALO-CD:

Option to block advertisements
Option to block Flash animations
Option to block Javascript codes

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