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7-Zip is a program for packing and unpacking compressed files.

7-Zip can unpack and pack all the following archive formats: 7zip, zip, cab, rar, arj, gzip, bzip2 as well as cpio, rpm and deb. 7-Zip is able to compress zip ja gzip archives even 2–10 % more efficiently than the comparable programs PKZIP and WinZip. Program's native archive format 7zip can make a file fit in space even 45 % smaller than the traditional zip archive format. 7-Zip has a remarkable amount of settings that can be used to affect packing speed and efficiency. The user interface of the program aims to be similar to that of the Windows Explorer, thus making it easy to use.

We don't recommend the use of RAR archives, as the RAR unpacking part of 7-Zip is not free and open software. More specific licensing information can be found on the web site of the program as well as in its source code.

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