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In order to keep our server from overloading and to increase the distribution speed we offer only a BitTorrent download option (What is it?). To use it you need a BitTorrent client program. If you don't have one, install Vuze from

Torrents can also be downloaded directly in the browser, in case you don't want to install a separate client program. The browser based torrent download uses a Java applet provided by the service

Burn the disc image on to a disc

After you have downloaded the disc image, you can burn it on a disc using for example InfraRecorder, which is also available from Install it and choose from the menu Functions > Burn disc image.

Burning disc image with InfranRecorder

Choose with a file browser the iso-file (e.g. valo-cd-v7-en.iso) and click OK. The default settings in the burn dialog are fine, so continue by pressing just OK.

Burning disc image with InfranRecorder

Remember to insert an empty disc in the disc tray before starting the burn process.

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You can also order VALO-CD by mail worldwide.

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