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Some of the VALO-CD developers also hang out at the #valo-cd channel at Freenode. You can use your IRC client of preference or our webchat service. Feel free to come and chat with us!

Project wiki

If you found a spelling error in a program description you can go directly to the the VALO-CD:n wiki (in English) and fix it. The wiki contains also lists about potential new programs and other information about the development of VALO-CD.

Join the FOSS community

If you want to contribute to specific programs included on the VALO-CD, either by giving feedback, testing, translating or programming, just contact the software project you are interested in directly.

You can also support FOSS by buying products and services that are based on free and open soruce software..

Join the FOSS supporters

If you want to do more to support FOSS and you live in Europe, we recommend joining the Free Software Foundation Europe.


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